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At Hemp Heros we use Full spectrum Hemp Extract which is the highest quality of CBD to make products you can trust.

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Our team do our best to get your orders out for delivery the same day you order to ensure fast delivery. For orders over €60/£60 we offer free shipping (T&C Apply)

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At Hemp Heros we are experts when it comes to Hemp and CBD. Our team are heavily involved in the Hemp Industry and licensed Hemp growers.

New to CBD?

If you are new to CBD don’t worry our team of CBD experts we can help answer all your questions and help you find a product best suited for your individual needs.

To speak to one of our experts click the link to our live chatbot or you can WhatsApp message us by clicking the button below.

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What people say about us

What people say about us

Purchase the best CBD Oil Ireland has to offer - Dublin and nationwide delivery.

Buying CBD products can be a mine field 🤯 unfortunately not all CBD is the same and you don’t want to get ripped off

1) Always check reviews before you buy. This will give you an idea of other peoples experience 👍🏻

2) Check the ingredients to see what type of CBD it is your buying. Ideally full spectrum as it gives you the best results 🏆

3) Check to see they have Certification of Analysis for their products. This is a lab test and should come from an independent lab and not their own lab 🤣

4) If the price is too cheap usually there is a catch. Mostly likely it’s CBD isolate which is much cheaper to make #hempheros #buyingtips #cbd
Is CBD safe ‼️

This is something we get asked a lot. The short answer is CBD in general is super safe

1) It’s non toxic. A recent report on CBD safety showed you would need 20,000 of CBD in one dose to have a toxic effect 🌱

2) It is non intoxicating so won’t get you high 🍃

3) CBD is non addictive so don’t worry it’s not a gateway drug and it won’t get you hooked 👍🏻 #hempheros #wellness #irishbusinsss
A question we get a lot is how do you use CBD products.  The answer is it really depends on your preference 🌱

1) The most common way to use CBD is by taking drops under your tongue 👅. This allows it to get into your blood stream quicker 

2) Balms and topicals are a great way to use CBD directly on an area that is sore 🧘🏽‍♂️

3) CBD infused drinks and foods are another great way ti get your daily dose of CBD. Try adding some drops into your coffee ☕️ #hempheros #cbd #wellness
Brilliant day @pupsinthepark_ 🐶 making the most of the sunshine for day 1 😆 #hempheros #cbdforpets #pupsinthepark #dublin
Giveaway time 🥳🥳 @pupsinthepark_ is back this weekend in Marlay park and we can’t wait to see everyone there 🐶

To celebrate we have two great prizes to be won for you and a friend 🎁

- 4 bottles of CBD for pets worth over €150 🐶 
- 2 pairs of Saturday tickets for @pupsinthepark_ 
(Each winner will get a pair of tickets and 2 bottles of our cbd for pets) 

To enter simply:
1) follow @hempheros
2) tag your friend you want to bring below ⬇️
3) extra bonus entry for sharing on your story 🎉

The lucky winners will be picked this Friday #hempheros #pupsinthepark #doglovers
Did you know there are three different grades of CBD ? Just like most things in life the quality of what you buy is key 🔑

Full spectrum CBD is the highest quality as it contains the whole plant 🌱 this would be the Rolex of the CBD world as it’s the most expensive to manufacture and gives the customer the best results 🥇

Broad spectrum would be the second best as it has been altered to remove the small trace of THC. This is done by boiling the raw product which can damage the other cannabinoid die to the intense heat🥈

CBD isolate is the lowest grade🥉as you can see it only contains one cannabinoid and is missing all the other goodness in the hemp plant. This is much less effective than the whole plant and usually the cheapest to buy #hempheros #cbdfacts #wholeplant
The importance sleep has on our physical and mental health is massively undervalued 💤

Getting insufficient sleep has been linked to a higher risk of conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity

If your looking to make a healthy change starting by getting better quality sleep 🛌 

Here are 5 tips to help towards a good nights sleep #hempheros #sleep #wellness
Our CBD is the perfect travel companion ✈️

If your a nervous flyer and get a bit anxious before long flights this is definitely something you want in your 💼 

Tag someone below who is a nervous flyer ⬇️ #travelessentials #ryanair #holidayessentials