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At Hemp Heros we use Full spectrum Hemp Extract which is the highest quality of CBD to make products you can trust.

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At Hemp Heros we are experts when it comes to Hemp and CBD. Our team are heavily involved in the Hemp Industry and licensed Hemp growers.

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If you are new to CBD don’t worry our team of CBD experts we can help answer all your questions and help you find a product best suited for your individual needs.

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Top Featured

Purchase the best CBD Oil Ireland has to offer - Dublin and nationwide delivery.

Our CBD is the perfect travel companion ✈️

If your a nervous flyer and get a bit anxious before long flights this is definitely something you want in your 💼 

Tag someone below who is a nervous flyer ⬇️ #travelessentials #ryanair #holidayessentials
Hemp seeds are a fantastic super food 🌱

- high in protein 💪
- high in vitamin A &E 
- packed full of Omega 3 & 6

One of the omega-6 fatty acids in hemp seeds is gamma-linolenic acid (GLA,) which may have anti-inflammatory effects similar to drugs like ibuprofen. 

One study found a 75% reduction in arthritis-associated pain in participants after nine months of GLA supplementation #hempheros #hempseeds #superfood
Coffee is key to getting the morning started ☕️

But did you know CBD and coffee are the perfect match 🤎

Coffee = energy and focus 
CBD = helps reduce the coffee jitters

You can check out our new coffee drops over on our website #hempheros #cbdcoffee #coffeeshop
Unfortunately all CBD/hemp products aren’t made equal when it comes to quality 😶

At Hemp Heros we guarantee our products are Quality CBD you can trust 👍🏻

All our products come with a unique QR code which links to our third part lab tests 🔬#hempheros #quality #madeinireland
Did you know Hemp could really help save the planet 🌍

1. Lower Carbon emissions as hemp sequesters Co2 from the atmosphere

2. Hemp can be used to make paper and prevent trees being cut down🌲

3. Hemp can be used to make bio plastic and eco friendly building materials 🏡

4. Hemp seeds are highly nutritious and can used as a protein substitute 🌱
 #hempheros #hemp #wellness
Very excited to say having a CBD coffee just got a whole lot easier ☕️

Next week we will be launching a new product which will be available in cafes near you very soon 👀🚀#hempheroscoffee #cbdcoffee #cbd